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Mini Interview with Tommy Joe Ratliff

Hi! It's taxcha again, and during my visit to Tokyo I had some time to chat with Tommy, and I thought of putting them together in a mini interview form that I can share with you guys. It's not much but I thought it would be fun :)

Hi! It's taxcha and during my visit to Tokyo for my Glam Nation experience, I met Tommy and managed to ask him some questions :) Here is a mini interview that I had with him.

Let's talk about your music, are you self taught or did you ever have formal music lessons?
Tommy in Tokyo(laughs) No, I'm self taught.

So at your audition, you actually auditioned for guitar.
Yes, I actually auditioned for guitar player but they told me that the position was filled, and if I would I could try again for bass and I came back a week later with a bass.

But did you play bass before?
No, I mean in my previous bands I've never played bass and never performed as a bass player.

Let's talk about your style, your hair, is it your idea?
Yes, it's my idea.

And the black fringe that you had before too?
Yes, the black hair was also my idea.

But you were blond before that, right?
Yes I was and I think I'm going to stay blond for a while.

At Fantasy Springs your hair looked more yellow, and now it's more like silvery blond ...
Yea, it was because I was trying to get rid of the black, so it was still kind of orange-y (laughs)
Tommy in Tokyo
What about your tattoos, which one was your first one?
It's actually the Libra one (pulls up sleeve and points)

And when did you get it?
When I was 20, and I got more and more over the years.

But you covered that Libra tattoo?
Yes, I covered it, cos I thought it was cheesy.

And what about your piercings?
It's the same. I got them one by one over the years. I used to have some on my face, one on my lip (points) and on my eyebrow (points) but I took them out.

What about your makeup, do you do it yourself?
Yes, I do it myself. Sutan has some preferences and told me the basics, but I do my makeup myself.
Tommy and Adam performed at JCB Hall Tokyo
Your outfit for the tour, how involved were you in deciding the designs?
We have this stylist who designed for us and everything, but she usually asks us if we have any idea or anything to add.

Your Christmas elf and your vampire jacket, why don't you wear them anymore?
Well I mean, it's just too bulky and it's hot on stage, so I decided not to wear them anymore.

But do you have them with you? (in Japan)
Right now? No, I don't have them with me.

What do you think about the tour?
It's been great, it's been awesome.

From all the cities and countries that you've visited so far, do you have a favorite?
This city is one of my favorites, actually. The energy, the crowd was awesome.

How do you like it here?
I love it! It's just that everything is so expensive.

Can we talk about the AMAs?

Is it true that you're afraid of heights?
Yes, very.

How did you manage to perform on that AMAs stage, cos it was like 15-20 feet high?
Well, at that time we were so stoked to perform and we were high on adrenalin, so yeah I didn't really bother.

Did you see it when Adam tripped?
He was right in front of me, I saw it but it didn't really look like he tripped, I think it was cool.

And the kiss, it wasn't rehearsed?
No it wasn't. But we just kind of did it right then cos we both like Velvet Goldmine, and we thought it was cool.

Okay, thank you so much for letting me interview you!
No problem!

(I asked Tommy to sign this picture, and he said he loves the picture,
so thank you Hoong Wei Long from Singapore who took it!)

Credits and thank you to :
@ArtistSupporter for sponsoring the project
@atomicdawn for beta
@ntomomi and @ginaaxton for main picture
@_ninni for press picture from Tokyo

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