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Tommy will be featured in InRock Magazine

Tommy will be featured in November issue of Japanese music magazine, InRock.

Here are some excerpt from the interview :

Tommy, Adam Lambert's band member solo interview

He said "I'm the straight version of Adam" and laughs


Right before Adam Lambert's first Japan tour, in mid September we managed to get a first interview with his bassist, Tommy Joe Ratliff. He joined the band after his audition last year, and not long after, he became widely known after Adam kissed him on stage at the American Music Awards performance. Just like Adam, he has glam makeup on that suits him but when we actually talk to him, he has this cuteness in him and he seems like the character who is being loved and protected by Adam and everybody else.

Question : Is this your first time doing a world tour?

Tommy Joe Ratliff : Well, I've been overseas for the promo tour before, but this is the first time for me doing a tour this scale. And other band members are like my family, so I think it's very cool.

Question : Have you ever been to Japan?

Tommy : No, I've never.

Question : I think you will like Japan. Seems like there are a lot of Tommy fans in Japan.

Tommy : Yea, it seems like it. Some fans came to America from Japan to see the shows, and there are some people who prepared presents for me. It's all thanks to Adam.

(InRock November edition vol.323 will be out on Friday, October 15)

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*translation and mistakes by taxcha
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